Computer Science 1

This is my webpage fro computer science 1. We
are studying C#. Its my first year doing C#. Its
difficult to learn but its what I call hard fun



This program translates the word "Goodbye" into four different languages with the use of buttons

Help Page


This program is an information page for Eagle eye that has customizability.

Mailing Label


This program allows you to easily create a mailing label by entering information.

Car Rental 1


This program is for a car rental service and allows you to rent a car.

BMI Calculator


This program calculates the user's BMI (Body Mass Index) based off of provided information.

Car Rental 2


This program is an upgraded version of Car Rental, allowing the user to rent a car using selection boxes and graphics of different cars.

Test Score Calculator


This program calculates what the letter grades of two different test score percentages are.

Dice Program


This program rolls two dice and calculates the experimental probabilities of rolling each number.

Craps Game


This program is a digital version of a classic casino game called Craps!

Very Very Boards


This program is a t-shirt order form and directory designed for Very Very Boards Inc.

Rock Paper Scissors


This program is a Rock-Paper-Scirssor game online.

Fish 1D


This program allows you to move a fish both manually and automatically, in varying speeds.

Fish 2D


This program allows you to move a fish vertically and horizontally, both manually and automatically, in varying speeds.

NCAA College Bowl


In this project, we learned how show 2 teams, their bowl schedules, previous games, and information about them.



In this project, we learned how to use the turning on and off method. We made Tic-Tac-Toe.



In this project, we learned how to use a for loop and use multiplication and other methods and show total value.

Basic AI Game


This is a game where we learned how to move anything and shoot out bullets and make it follow you.

Star Field


This project moves the stars diagonally by changing their left and top properties. When the stars go off the stage, they replace back to a random position.

Fish Aquarium


This project moves fish, shark, bubbles, boat, and hook. They all move around. If the shark touches the fish then the fish dies at the bottom, but it the hook touches the fish, the fish is stuck to the hook for the rest of the time. There is a restart and close button too.

Search Array Proeject


This project makes an array of 500 numbers and trys to find the number 500. It tells you when it finds it and how many times it took to find it.

Histogram Test Score


This program outputs how many people scored A's,B's,C's,D's and F's. The asterisks are for how many of each grade type.



This program is a plane that flies back and forth, and drops bombs continuously. There is a character at the bottom why can move and shoot back. Each has a health bar and you control the character with space to shoot, and arrow keys to move. There is a time limit and health bars.

Final Project: ELIVATE


This project I made a game with three levels. The goal is to complete them using the arrow keys to reach the end of the game